Breathing Performance Program

Retrain your breathing.

Move better.  Perform better.

Not Just A Workout - The goal of the Breathing Program is to create a functional understanding of what is breathing, how to assess your breathing, strategies to improve your breathing, and a simple to use plan to integrate breathing training everyday

Optimal breathing can help:  

  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Improve Sleep & Recovery
  • Improve Sport Performance
  • Improved Reaction
  • Improve Resilience

The Breathing Program Kit Includes

CoachFit Mobile App

Your exercises and program are built within the CoachFit App. All exercises are in full video. Workouts are designed to be accomplished in 10-15 minutes a day.

Breathing Performance e-Book

Designed to lay out the plan for you, draw awareness to your needs, and review the strategies to create success.

Pro Grade Equipment*

  • Expand-A-Lung
  • Journal

Breathing Program

Our program is built for the individual. Our program is available digitally so you can start your journey toward healthy feet today.

The Pain Prevention Kit

Our complete kit includes all of the equipment you need to recondition your neck complex. Includes a virtual foot assessment with a DHF Coach.

  • Pain Prevention e-Book
  • 8 Week Neck Program On CoachFit
  • Virtual Assessment
  • Neck Equipment
  • BONUS: Full access to Knee, Low Back, Neck, And Shoulder/Arm Plans