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The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience™ program is a focused and practical program, combining personalized coaching or mentoring with scientifically validated tools and technology to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. You will learn life-long skills you can use any time to increase wellbeing, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience, reinforced by our engaging, real-time monitoring and feedback technology.

By Building Your Personal Resilience You Will Gain:

More resilience and vitality

Resilience is defined as your capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.

A sense of well-being

Enhancing one's vitality creates the environment to be healthy, happy, and in balance. Not moment to moment, but life as a whole.

Mental clarity and focus

Improve brain and body connection aids in a better flow through your day. That "flow" contributes to better balance.

Improved relationships

The ability to improve communication between loved ones, colleagues, and friends depends on your current state.

I, my staff, and my family use the Inner Balance. Many people do not know how to intentionally create the emotional states they want. The Inner Balance Trainer is ideal

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul ® series, co-author of The Success Principles™

What's included in my Resilience Program?

Stress & Well Being-Assessment Review

All individuals entering the Resilience Program begin by taking the Stress&Well-Being Assessment. The assessment will provide you and your DHF Coach insightful information to help optimize the time spent together with your coach. The assessment takes 15 minutes to complete, and you will receive an invite by email to get started.

Eight coaching sessions

Your personal resilience program is divided into eight lessons taught over a four week period. Lessons are done over Zoom meetings.

CoachFit Mobile App

Resilience content is  provided via our CoachFit App. Eight lessons with audio are built for you along with your handbook.

HeartMath Inner Balance Tool

You will receive your HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor to provide biofeedback on your practice sessions.

Unlock the power of your heart.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and scattered. It's time to shift and replace emotional stress with balance.